Community Health and Welfare

Free HIV Testing Services

Index Testing Services

Distribution of the HIV Self Screening Kits

Screening of Opportunistic Infections

Screening of STI

Linkage to Care

Referral to VMMC sites

Prep Site or Provision Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis 

Provision of Post Exposure Prophylaxis 

Health Education on safe sex; that includes Correct, Consistent Condom use, responsible sex messaging, appropriate barrier methods and lube

Distribution of Condoms and Lubricants  

Provision of Dental dams

Support to the LGBTQ+ community on day to day issues of discrimination and violence (psycho-social support)

Work place Inservice training of the non-LGBTQ+ community on how to render services to the LGBTQ+ community

Individual and Couples Counselling. 

Combating Depression

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