The heart of the LGBTQAI

By Mlungisi Mnguni · Oct 6, 2020
The heart of the lgbtqai picture

Ntokozo Hopewell Sikhosana is a 22 year old young lady who is based in Gemsbokspruit, Mpumalanga. She holds a title of Miss Phola mall and has thereafter entered the competition for "The face of Emalahleni" where she made top 20. She said," People often get confused by my sexuality because I'm a good friend to a lot of the LGBTIQ+ community. Let me assure you, I'm a heterosexual."

After this statement was boldly made, we took a chance with Ntokozo Hopewell Sikhosana and got to hear what her thoughts are when it comes to the LGBTIQ+ community, since Mpumalanga still has a few misinformed individuals about homosexuality. This has lead to a discovery of a vast gap when it comes to gay prides, marches and dialogues in Mpumalanga. Nevertheless, with public voices like Ntokozo Hopewell Sikhosana people of the flag are in promising hands. In her own words,"I've attended a couple of LGBTIQ+ awareness campaigns that educate about the LGBTIQ+ community.
To make LGBTIQ+ visible and known,  awareness campaigns  should be done more often, colour run of LGBTIQ+ should take place in Mpumalanga. That can definitely close the gap."

For KwaNdebele is a traditionally grounded place, there is more work that needs to be done and bridges that need to be mended between the LGBTIQ+ and the society they live in. This will not only liberate them to fully and publicly express who they are, but it will also normalize what is seen as taboo. According to Miss Phola mall, fun walk for the LGBTIQ+ should be hosted on the main road(R573) to raise awareness and embrace homosexual people. That way, a lot of people can tag along from different surrounding communities, people driving by will be eager to find out what the walk is all about and that will make the LGBTIQ+ community known for their existence. This is not to show favouritism but to show that we love them as our brothers and sisters.

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