How The Gay Avenue founded

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Given inadequate mainstream service provision, The Gay Avenue wants to provide direct health and mental health services to LGBTQ+ clients and other members of the key populations. This includes targeted HIV/AIDS at community and work place level, condoms and lubricants distribution, direct health services around local clinics within or across the district, offer telephonic counselling and information to all members of the population, a vibrant community centre, face to face counselling, community building programmes and spaces, and support groups especially to young LGBTQ+ members in the community.

The Gay Avenue also wants to be involved with various research projects at the Local, District, Provincial and National level that affect the LGBTQ+ community to ensure that we are very much represented as a community. The Gay Avenue wants to provide Advocacy and ensure legal equality and translation in the day to day experiences of the LGBTQ+. That includes law reform, sensitisation of mainstream service providers, empowering LGBTQ+ people to claim their rights, as well as tackling the scourge of hate crimes.

The organisation aims to be involved in various alliance-based work especially at community level to have more impact and we also aims to address common issues taken on by progressive LGBTQ+ community and gender structures.

We also aim at strengthening health and community service delivery systems at all levels of health care, developing clinical competence, training and mentoring, providing technical support to improve the district’s facility response to providing HIV/TB care, treatment, and laboratory & prevention services and support transition that supports Re-engineering of Primary Health Care (rPHC) and National Health Insurance (NHI)

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