Dating in the LGBTQIA+ Community

By Mlungisi Mnguni · Jul 14, 2020
Dating in the lgbtqia+ community picture

It is questionable in most cases as to how does the LGBTIQ+ community venture into dating. This is normally asked from the curiosity of the heterosexuals. They often think,"The gay community seems to be fun and stress free." That is why a few if not most of the heterosexuals end up wanting to experiment with the people of flag. However, it is a more intimate circle within this fascinating community and they all give the same comment,"everybody knows everybody," which is proven to be very true.

This is a statement made by the LGBTIQ+ community themselves. Unlike the heterosexuals, with gays and lesbians you cheat to be caught that's the reason why it is so easy to remain single and not want to get your heart marinated in the mud. It is quite a shock to those who find themselves experimenting the different type of sexuality which is still misunderstood. They think maybe the gay community holds annual conferences to discuss the newbies but that is definitely not true. What glues them together is social media, gay prides and their familiar faces.

In one of the interviews with one member of the LGBTIQ+ community ;a proud gay man said,"It is quite interesting how one person can date your friend and you in the forgotten future. It has happened to me and it almost broke my years of friendship with my best friend." This is a comment in word made by a "bottom" gay men of the relationship. He further said," Top men are as good as frikled people, not everyone has them. They're very few. Even though, top men are more countable than frikled people." The statement suggests in short that, top men are more likely to be trapped if they were to try and cheat.

"Relationships in the LGBTIQ+ community and heterosexuals are no difference. We have challenges and so do they. We fight and so do straight people." He further added to one of the questions asked. This is a contrary the bi-curious people need to understand/know before they think homosexuality will make dating more easy and enjoyable. There is no special recipe to dating after all.

~ Mlungisi Mnguni

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