A dream coming true

A dream coming true picture

What started of as a conversation over some wine with friends is now an Organisation going to make a change. None of us anticipated the work that needed to be done, and we sure weren't thinking about the mountains ahead. 

All we were thinking about was just a change. A change in society's mentality. A change in the environment, both professional and personal. A change in the experiences of a young individual growing up in this world who's sexuality and gender identity is thought of as different, abnormal, a defect, immoral, and to some extent, a sin and a stain to humanity's perfect state. 

What we were conversing over was an imaginary world. A perfect world were a person's character is judged by his, her, their actions and not simply by who or what they identify as. 
But, all great things that shape and make what this world is today came from someone's imaginary world. Hence, the birth of The Gay Avenue. The rise of hope that one day our imaginary world will be the reality of the coming generations of the LGBTQI+ community. 
And we pray that happens soon and in our life time.

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